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Support Bells of the Rockies
You can support Bells of the Rockies by donating to one of our ongoing projects. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and can supply you with a tax credit document if you desire. Bells of the Rockies is a volunteer organization and 100% supported by donations and ticket proceeds for our concerts. We would LOVE your support on one of our ongoing projects (below lists some of our higher-ambition projects, smaller donations toward these goals is always appreciated !! ) Click THIS LINK to see how to donate. Browse below to see why!
Chime Instruments
Bells of the Rockies currently perform on 5 Octaves of Schulmerich Handbells and 5 octaves of Malmark handchime instruments. The sixth octave, including a rack for ease of playing is $2525.00.  The chimes are tuned aluminum instruments with a distinctive tone and add flexibility and depth to our musical presentation. 
Handbells  -  Bells of the Rockies are lucky enough to borrow bells from a number of benefactors. Faith United Church of Christ in Windsor loans us the four octave basic set we play regularly. We routinely borrow the fifth octave of bells from Mountain View Presbyterian Church and First Baptist Church in Loveland and a couple of bells from the seventh octave from First United Methodist Church in Ft. Collins. While this is a happy arrangement, as a professional organization it is our desire to own our own bells. They are not inexpensive! Here's how you can help:

Low C (bottom of the 7th octave): $4950.00 Bronze bell plus case $320
Low F (middle of the 7th octave):  $3800.00 Bronze bell plus case $320
Low G (bottom of the 6th octave):  $3545.00 Bronze bell plus case $320
Lower 5th octave of bells              $8900.00  12 Bronze bells plus cases
Recordings  -  We are continually asked "Do you have a CD of your music?" Our fervent desire is to say YES!  But we have not been able to afford the seed money it takes to start such a project.  This includes a recording engineer, royalties, and material cost of cutting a quality recording. We have every belief that this effort would pay for itself a number of times over, but the seed cost has stopped us. The estimate for this effort is $2000 to burn 250 CDs. 
Of course we will accept whatever help you are willing to offer. Here are some other suggestions for those with a willing spirit and limited pocket... THANK YOU!!!!
Bass note single chime _________  $135 each
Treble note single chime  ________  $ 65 each
Cases for chimes (2) ____________ $135 each
Sheet music (one set) ___________ $ 50 each
Sponsor ringer workshop attendance ___ $380 each
​Maintanence of existing equipment ______ $200 / year
Yes, I would LOVE to help Bells of the Rockies bring the art of handbell ringing to more people!  Here's what I offer: 
City, State and Zip Code
Mallets:  We use a variety of techniques to produce different musical effects, keeping our concerts interesting and enjoyable. Mallets are used to produce a percussive sounds and are made of a softer material on a semi-flexible handle. These wear out as a natural process of use. Good ones run about $20-25 per pair. It's time to replace many of ours and we would love even a partial donation!
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