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 Auditions for Bells of the Rockies 2018 - 2019 Season:  AUGUST 7

Mid-season auditions can be made by appointment. CONTACT_US  We meet at Faith United Church of Christ, Windsor. Materials needed for the 2018 audition are distributed to all candidates. If you'd like to be considered, please contact us immediately. 

Serious audition candidates should be able to sight read (ring) level 3 music with little difficulty and will be tested in advanced techniques and music difficulty level 4+ or level 5. Please use the contact_us link or click HERE to email Bells of the Rockies or to schedule an audition.

Mid-season auditions may be arranged depending on the needs of the group, the artistic director, and the availability of the ringer/members.  Further details regarding auditions will be posted on this page.

Bells of the Rockies is an Auditioned Community Ensemble. Member requirements are simple: 
        1) Be able to sight-read level 3 music (we will play more
              difficult music, certainly, but it is expected Bells of the  Rockies 
              members can sight read at level 3 in a single rehearsal). 

       2) Be willing to commit for an entire season (August - May)

       3) Be on time and attend all rehearsals (four absences per year 
             allowed when a substitute secured).

  • Fill out and submit the audition request form.  Once auditions have been scheduled, you will be asked to select a time slot which works for you:  Your entire audition will take approximately 2 hours. 
  • ​Complete the audition application form which you will receive (references required and will be solicited for input). 
  • Show up for your appointment. You will:
               Present a prepared exercise which you will receive;
               Interview Bells of the Rockies Board Members;
               Sight read one piece which you will not see
                   ahead of audition.​
Bells of the Rockies Audition Request
Audition date:    August 7, 2018
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